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Doug Petersen

Doug Petersen

Artist, Writer, Technologist and Uneasy Citizen of Oceania


My artwork is focused on digitally enhanced surrealistic collages composed of abstract pencil on paper drawings. The original drawings are produced through a process I call transcendoodle meditation--a tongue-in-cheek reference to doodles created while my brain is engaged in other activities. The surrealists referred to a similar process as automatic drawing (also known as surrealist automatism). These processes are a means of expressing the subconscious. The results of my process are relatively simple abstract lead pencil on ruled notebook paper drawings. They're never done with a design in mind and they rarely represent any obvious form. A large portfolio of those drawings, collected over many years, allows me to sort and select unrelated drawings based on line and shape that can work together to create surrealistic collages which are then photographed and digitally enhanced.

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Lookbucket by Doug Petersen


Malpractice by Doug Petersen


Headdress by Doug Petersen


Jazzology by Doug Petersen


Demolitia by Doug Petersen


Culinary by Doug Petersen


Tectonic by Doug Petersen


Gardone Card by Doug Petersen


Gardone by Doug Petersen


Junkanoo Poster by Doug Petersen


Junkanoo by Doug Petersen


Plumage by Doug Petersen


Sonoran by Doug Petersen


Totemism by Doug Petersen